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Tools & Guides

(see also Media and File Formats)

What´s the exact difference between 'decoding', 'encoding', 'recoding' and 'transcoding'?

”Transcoding” ("Re-encoding")
Conversion of a video file which is present in a special format into another video format.

Conversion of a video file which is present in a special format with special attributes in the same format with different attributes (e.g. 2 h movie with 3000 Kbit/s into 2 h movie with 2000 Kbit/s).

“Encoding” ("coding")
Creating a video file in a special format (e.g. MPEG-2, MPEG-4, ...) - You´ll need the right encoder (codec) in order to be able to create these files e.g. a MPEG-2 Encoder in order to be able to create MPEG-2 videos. You´ll need these encoders for transcoding and recoding video files as well.
(Encoding is usually equivalent to "compression type", as you are typically compressing the video.)

Simply opening and watching video files with a video player (e.g. a MPEG-1 Decoder for opening a MPEG-1 video file). Or opening the file by a program as part of a re-encoding process.

A codec (coder/decoder) is a software component that allows for the encoding or decoding of a file type.
Many "codecs", however, only allow for the playing (decoding) of video files; you typically have to purchase an upgrade in order to encode to the format.
For example, the free 'DivX codec' allows you to play every version of DivX content ever created, but if you purchase the 'DivX Pro codec', you can encode an AVI or MPEG file into DivX.

Program type What does it do? Notes:



Video Identifier (AVI)

{Codecs, Codec/Video Identifiers}


user comment: "Absolutely required if you download a lot of AVI's. This single tool tells you if you have the software to playback an AVI. With all the video and audio codecs floating around, this tool greatly simplifies things."

NOTE: program primarily designed for providing AVI / DivX file info. If used on an MPEG file, values may not be precise.

download/view further info/ view screenshot (

latest version [as Jan 2005]:
GSpot252b01.rar (v2.52 ß01 Build 040915) [183 KB]
aka Version; built 15 Sept 2004

~ program name is in reference to finding the "sweet spot" in AVI encoding, where all settings are balanced...

view sample

Freeware (no trial period)
Installation Details:
no installation/uninstallation: just make a new "GSpot" folder in your "Program Files" folder, and extract the .rar files to there. Don't forget to make a shortcut as well.


DVD Patcher

Video Identifier

Virtual Re-coder
+ Change MPEG2 headers such as aspect ratio, resolution and more.
+ Allows you to make a DVD consisting of SVCDs.

+ Executable is a very small file. No installation needed; just run it.

Guides / Download Link: (
doom9 (S)VCD to DVD-R guide
How to author a working DVD containing multiple SVCD's
How To Use DVD Patcher to Create Mixed DVD’s

Freeware (no trial period)
Installation Details:
no installation/uninstallation: just make a new "DVD Patcher" folder in your "Program Files" directory, and extract the .rar files to there. Don't forget to make a shortcut as well.

Virtual Dub (or nandub or VirtualDubMod  

- Appends one avi file to another
(puts avi files together into one file)

- Splits Avi files (so you can have two smaller files)

- Can re-encode files if encoding codecs are available

nandub and VirtualDubMod support MP3 VBR audio.
Vitrual Dub (standard) does not.

Guide: Using VirtualDub: Joining AVI files (afterdawn)
Guide: AVI Join With VirtualDub (afonic)
Guide: AVI Split With VirtualDub (afonic)

Example of using VirtualDub to encode:
Using DivX Pro with VirtualDub to re-enocde a file to DivX
(DivX pro is a commerical product: $20)

DVD2AVI (obsolete) Replaced by DGMPGDec (1.4.5), or, more informally (and easier to say), "DGIndex". "neuron2's version of DVD2AVI called DGIndex..."

See also 'DGDecode' -- "part of the DGMPGDec package, is an MPEG-1/2 decoder plug-in designed for AviSynth v2.5 or higher"
( Tsunami MPEG Encoder )
Encoder / Transcoder - Converts a video file into a suitable format for burning,
saves the file (in the new format) to your Hard Drive
(for example, input a DivX (.avi) file, get an MPEG-2 file as output)

- In other words, encodes a video file as MPEG (.mpg).

- re-encodes video in one format to another format

According to the download page "TMPGEnc is an excellent shareware MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoder that can be used also for muxing, [demuxing,] cutting, merging, etc."


[update]  As of summer/fall 2005, T-MPG-Enc has become a confusing COLLECTION of programs. See

- TMPGEncPlus ($40) ; TMPGEnc MPEG Editor ($50, but, reportedly, included in the cheaper TMPEGEncPlus, for some reason) ; TMPGEnc DVD Author (see "DVD Authoring", below) ; etc.

 Canopus ProCoder


Encoder / Transcoder > Aspect ratio conversion
> Automatic adaptive deinterlacing
> NTSC/PAL conversion
> Multi-pass VBR processing
> HighDef (HD) to Standard Def (SD), and vice-versa
Have never tried it (it's $500!). See Canopus site

(Can O' Pus? really? ... $500?)
{+ CCE or TMPGEnc}
batch re-encoder  

update from doom9, Oct. 21, 2005:
" After a long time of no activity, there's a new DVD2SVCD. Version 1.2.3
build 1
can convert AVIs with an 1:1 aspect ratio, uses DGIndex instead of DVD2AVI, supports the latest QuEnc and its special matrices, the finalize tab changes according to the output type you select and a few bugs have been squashed as well. "

According to shoey:
If you want the best possible video playback (SVCD), then use DVD2SVCD using Cinema Craft Encoder or Canopus ProCoder. I've been backing up DVD's to SVCD for over 2 years and have yet to find any better encoders m8. Any expert in this field will tell you the same.


Ripper, DVD Authoring

Trialware: $10

- Creates DVDs from SVCDs (or from MPEG files, VCD files, or AVI (DivX, Xvid) files.)

This program assumes you have a bunch of .mpg files, each equaling one move (or CD). You then make a menu button (VTS) for each movie (consisting of one or more .mpg files). Output is IFO and VOB files (DVD-Video files), ready for burning.

go to

SVCD2DVD is "one click" software for
transferring VCD or SVCD (mpeg files) to DVDR, with menus.
It automates the process of creating DVD-SVCDs and DVD-VCDs: putting VCD and SVCD content onto DVD without re-encoding video streams.
Version 2 also supports AVI/DivX/XviD to DVD,
PAL to NTSC, NTSC to PAL framerate conversion and much more.

Guide: simple guide - mpg files to BUP/IFOs/VOBs files (with menu) for burning
Guide: (version 1 software) rip .mpg or CUE/BIN; author by making titles and chapters, then let proggy convert audio frrom 44.1 kHz to 48kHz; burn the resuling VIDEO_TS folder (VIDEO_TS.IFO file).

Tip: SVCD2DVD only make a .m2v file? ( boards)


Menu Editing (DVD Re-Authoring)

Pay program: $25

Trial does not allow export

What does it do?

Summary: Remove video you don't need but still keep the DVD movie menus functioning

+ Remove any scene

+ Remove: credits; embedded studio logos; commercials; FBI warning/rating screens; menu transitions -- in other words, remove any chapters, scenes, extras or parts of the video while retaining the original menu.

+ Disable menu buttons to material you have removed (note: Hiding a button will not change menu graphics. To change the graphics used in the menu, it is necessary to reauthor the menu.)

+ clear all restrictions / enable all operations (i.e. fast forward through or skip the FBI warning)

+ insert a new chapter into a DVD movie while keeping menus

+ Remove unneeded angles from multiangle disks.
+ Delete menus for a selected language

replacement program for "MenuEdit"?

Guide: The dummies guide to a perfect DVD backup (this is a self-promoting guide for DVDRemake product)
favorite quote: "If you have a DTS enabled sound system backup only the DTS soundtrack. It’s the best audio quality, and it’s also the best way to check the stability of your walls and make your neighbors insane in the shortest possible time. "

After movie is trimmed down (removing extras using DVDRemake), if you need to transcode it then blast your favorite transcoder then after transcoding do the burn.

Download page

VideoReDo (DVDReDo) MPEG Editor (non-linear)

+ Allows for the editing of an MPEG file (remove scenes or commercials; remove beginning; remove ending) without re-encoding the video / audio.

+ "Frame Accurate" MPEG editing

+ Compensation algorithms for handling the correct syncronization of Audio streams to Video streams (rumored but unconfirmed).

+ Built-in joiner to concatenate multiple MPEG files into a single stream.

[ get it here ]

DETAILS/ NOTES (Sept. 2005; includes info on Trial version)


womble mpeg-vcr MPEG Editor

+ Cut segments out of MPEG (esp. remove commercials) and export back to MPEG with no loss in quality.

+ Mux MPEG video and MPEG audio (back) together.

+ Built-in joiner to concatenate multiple MPEG files into a single stream.


DVD Shrink

Ripper (copying),

+ allows you to remove items from source (menus, subtitles ("subpictures"), certain audio, etc.) to more easily fit movie onto 1 DVD-5 disk

+ key functionality is removing Audio Tracks (for example, remove the 5.1 track, or remove a foreign language track) and Subtitles ("subpictures") [as these use a lot of megabytes]

+ compresses (re-encodes) source material so that it will fit on one disk.

+ You can select a different encoding quality level for each piece of video (for example, higher compression/lower quality for extras, lower compression/higher quality for main movie).

+ can make a disk Region free prior to burning

- if you recompress or remove video, the DVD menu will no longer work

- requires a different program, such as DVDReMake, to keep the existing menu working (menu will play as just another video if you remove or recompress anything)

Important thread:
discussion of Recode 2 vs. DVD Shrink vs. DVDXCopy

Important thread:
splitting movies (for 2 DVD-r's) using DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink has a "plug-in" to Nero: this means that you can select burning options within the DVD Shrink program (but Nero does the actual burning). Output choices are:
- an ISO image (using "Image Recorder)
- a VIDEO_TS folder (using "Hard Disk Folder")
- your DVD burner

"... but you forgot the most important feature of DVDXcopy! It splits dual-layer DVDs (at chapters you want) easily! That's the only reason why I still prefer DVDXCopy to DVD Shrink. Who cares about the stupid DVDXcopy screen in the beginning! I don't want to spend more than 5 seconds splitting a movie. "
"Here's a little proggy that works with your XCopy and get's rid of that silly little screen - It's called, 321 GONE ! Here it is -
[ DVD X Copy Express Info Screen Removal Tool ]"
"You can always try DVDFab - it does the same thing (DVD-9 to 2 DVD-5's) with no screen -" [more]

"When using Shrink I can remove all the extras that I don't want,"

"I would think that DVD Shrink and CopyToDVD would be a "Heck" of a combo too. DVD Shrink is an excellent ripper, and the fastest burner most anyhere would be CopyToDVD.

"I have no reason to NOT use XCOPY, but I like shrink and it reminds me every time I use it that I didn't need to buy XCOPY <rdrr> "




(open source DVD Transcoding program)

+ compresses (reincodes) source material so that it will fit on one disk Guide: "How to copy a DVD-9 to DVD±R using ReJig (DVD BackUp Mode)" (July 2004)
- ReJig will rip the DVD, demux the audio from the video, then encode the video and create (and remux) the new DVD files, ready for burning.
recommended by shoey  

DVD Decrypter

(DVD to hard drive)

The RIAA gestapo closed this one down. Hard.

You can't download it anymore, but there's lots of alternatives.

official description: "DVD Decrypter is a highly versatile VOB-ripping utility."

Copy DVD to DVD-R using DVD Decrypter (DVDs smaller than 4.36GB)

Read our DVD backup guides and learn how to copy DVDs to DVDR, SVCD or XviD!


BASIC: How to rip a DVD to the hard disk using DVD Decrypter (afonic dvd guides)

Ripping a section of a DVD using DVD Decrypter ( note: guides on this site are OLD.

Note: The DVDDecrypter website claims help is available on the forums (InVision Power Board), but you must register. Last time I checked, the forum was locked (no new registrations). See also the links page.

DVD2SVCD built-in ripper:
Alcohol 120%
    Alcohol 120% is capable of burning BIN/CUE (VCD / SVCD) images.
(but note that DVD Decrypter can also burn ISO (DVD) images.)

Nero Recode 2

copying (ripper),



~ source : either a DVD disk, or a local VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive

Does pretty much the same thing as DVD Shrink:

+ allows you to remove items from source (menus, subtitles ("subpictures"), certain audio, etc.) to more easily fit movie onto 1 DVD-5 disk

+ key functionality is removing Audio Tracks (for example, remove the 5.1 track, or remove a foreign language track) and Subtitles ("subpictures") [as these use a lot of megabytes]

+ compresses (re-encodes) source material so that it will fit on one disk.

+ You can select a different encoding quality level for each piece of video (for example, higher compression/lower quality for extras, lower compression/higher quality for main movie).

+ You can insert either a picture or a slide-show of the removed content to replace a section (feature or scene) that has been deleted.

Can also:

+ re-encode a DVD to Nero's MPEG-4 format (competitor to DivX)



- Part of the Nero 6 package
DVD Authoring - "Authoring" means creating DVD files from DVD compatible MPEG video files. After Authoring, you can burn to DVD Recordable disk(s).

DVD Authoring


+ advantage over some other authoring programs: the DVD Fab application will let you author a DVD from a bunch of preexisting VOB files.
see this guide ( for how to make a new ROOT/MASTER VIDEO_TS.IFO (and .BUP) using DVDFab's Create video manager (VIDEO_TS.IFO) option.

DVD Workshop

see also:
DVD MovieFactory (burning, backup) & Ulead VideoStudio

DVD Authoring /Menu Creation

(30-day trial available)


edit subtitles on DVD [note]

dvd menu creation

see Tutorial: Adding Subtitles to Your DVD using DVD Workshop

also: and
DVD Workshop 2.0 Update Pack (Build Number: 2.231, Release Date: 2004/10/06)

The DVD Workshop 2.23 Update Pack provides DVD Workshop 2 users with additional program fixes as listed below. The patch also includes all the fixes from the 2.011 and 2.22 update patches.

Bugs Fixed: * Fixed the insert blank segment in subtitle dialog box which earlier ca used the program crash.
* Fixed the program crash issue seen earlier when using the 2-pass encode to convert DV type clips.
* Fixed the issues seen after DVD Workshop 2.21 updated that the imported TXT files of Hebrew, Russian, Greek and the other subtitles become question marks (???). Click here to know how to import these languages correctly.
* Fixed the subtitle truncation problem.
Problem: * After I updated to DVD Workshop 2.21, the subtitle editing didn't seem to work normally. *
Solution: Sorry for the inconvenience. Please upgrade to latest DVD Workshop 2.231 Update Pack from The new update pack includes some fixes for known issues.


DVD Authoring


~ This program will tell you a lot of detail about the structure of your DVD.

~ input:
a DVD compliant MPEG2 file (for example, file.m2v, a 720x480 video-only file without audio) + a DVD compliant audio file (for example, file.mpa or file.mp2) + (optionally) a text file with chapter defintions (CellTimes.txt)

~ ouput: VOB/IFO files, ready for burning. Example:

~ a note from "Just a warning: IfoEdit does not like MPEG-2 video streams containing rff flags (in other words: progressive 23.976fps NTSC streams), so you shouldn't use it for that kind of content."


Sample Guide: Authoring a DVD from Digital Video files using IfoEdit (doom9)

Guide: Idiots guide to keeping original Menu in DVD backup

Guide: PAL to NTSC DVD Conversion (patch method) using IfoEdit



DVD Authoring / Multiplexing

~ input:
   - one or more video-only files (e.g. .mpv)
   - .bmp image files (optional), as MPEG video
   - up to 4 audio files (ac3, dts, .mpa, or lpcm)
     [previously demuxed from video,
     or your own new audio file]
   - Subpictures (subtitles)

~ ouput: VOB/IFO files
   - makes a working DVD with one VobID
   (as of version 0.14g)
   [not MPEG, as sometimes claimed]

[Sept 2005, v.0.14g]: Seems to have strict requirements for input, couldn't handle slightly off-spec .mpv for example.

From the readme file:
"All video files must match in resolution, aspect ratio, coding type (mpeg-1 or mpeg-2), P/S capability, and closed captioning. All audio files in one track must match in coding method, channels, and bitrate."


DVD Authoring

DVD Menu Creation


[Update, Sept. 2005: $30, "free upgrade to version 1.6"]

~ create chapter points, remove some frames from movie,
then create a simple menu

~ input: DVD compliant MPEG-2 files or VOB/IFO files from hard drive

~ output: VOB/IFO files, ready for burning


Guide: DVD MPEG to DVD-R by Authoring using T-MPG Author (simpleguides):
1. Add file (for .mpg); Add DVD video (for VOB/IFO).
2. add chapters, remove credits (optional)
3. create "home-made" menu + chapter menu
4. create dvd folder (VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS)
Note: needs better guide to creating menu; need guide for making original .mpg files.

from the product description: "DVD Authoring for everyone! "
"With TMPGEnc DVD Author you can now author your MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 files to DVD-Video structured files. Using high quality MPEG files converted from AVI format by the supplied DVD Source Creator or captured by a third-party MPEG capture device, it is possible to perform your own DVD authoring quickly and easily."

"We support inputting files made by the TMPGEnc series, but files made from other sources might not be compatible. Please use your 30 days free trial to test whether your files are compatible." (quote, Sept 2005)

DVD X Maker DVD Authoring    


Program type What does it do? How does it work? Notes:
Included in Gordian Knot (GK).
Makes subtitles I guess. Who knows? The doom9'ers love this kind of thing... Alternative: use AutoGK?

- VobSub for DirectShow
- VobSub for VirtualDub
- VobSub for AVIUtil
- TextSub for VirtualDub and Avisynth

- Subresync
- Submux

Versions last time I checked: 2.23 or Gabest 2.33

AVISynth Included in Gordian Knot (GK).

Again, who knows. Something to do with "Frameserving", whatever that is. The whole 'making scripts' thing is confusing... Comprehensive documentation included, but still complicated as heck, as it goes from A to C (assumes you already know how to do B). Wasted too much time looking at old forums and outdated web pages to figure this out. Alternative: use GK or AutoGK.

From the included guide: "The simplest thing you can do with AviSynth is the sort of editing you can do in VirtualDub."

From the included documentation:

"First, you create a simple text document with special commands, called a script. These commands make references to one or more videos and the filters you wish to run on them. Then, you run a video application, such as VirtualDub, and open the script file. This is when AviSynth takes action. It opens the videos you referenced in the script, runs the specified filters, and feeds the output to video application. The application, however, is not aware that AviSynth is working in the background. Instead, the application thinks that it is directly opening a filtered AVI file that resides on your hard drive. " Sounds simple, right? Only if you know how to write, save, create an avs file, and call the script...

FFD Show (ffdshow)  

(quote)"ffdshow is DirectShow and VFW codec for decoding/encoding many video and audio formats, including DivX and XviD movies using libavcodec, xvid and other opensourced libraries with a rich set of postprocessing filters."(un-quote)

How to use it? No idea.

latest build: Oct. 27, 2005 (according to afterdawn)

Not clear what happens if you have this AND DivX Codecs installed...

System crashes after you install all this junk (tip from Microsoft):

This crash may be due to the following:

A corrupted media file or files (either partially downloaded or in some other manner corrupted).
A corrupted audio or video codec being installed. A codec is software that is used to compress or decompress a digital media file, such as a song or video. The media player and other programs use codecs to play and create digital media files.
Note: You will know if a file is corrupted if your media player crashes when you try to play the file.

If you find that there are many corrupted files, uninstall any recently installed programs (such as audio or video compression or editing tools) that may have installed any media codecs, including Divx ,, or

To uninstall a program:

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Click Add or Remove Programs.
Under Pick a task..., click Remove a program.
From the list of currently installed programs, select a program, and then click Change/Remove or Remove.
If these steps do not resolve the issue please continue to submit crash reports and we will continue to investigate.


Converting to other formats:

Game Boy Advanced: Convert Video Files (MPG, MPEG and AVI) to .GBA movie files with Avi-2-GBA and METEO video codec
Sony PSP: How to Get videos and DVDs onto your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for free [Jan 2005]

Notes & Quotes:

[subject: fast backup to DVD-R; removing extras]
"I don't know of any way to remove the extras without 'Nero Recode 2' putting a blank screen or a screen of your choice. I don't like this either. I really don't do any re-authoring so I'm not sure what your best bet as far as programs to use. I usually only to a full backup DVDR. I'll check into though. When I use Slysofts AnyDVD which runs in the background and Nero Recode 2 I can do a DVD movie in about 45 minutes. About 30 minutes of encoding and 15 minutes (4X) of burning. That's as fast as I've gotten so far and I've tried about all the other software out there. This time is very consistent. "
"There is a 3rd choice, which does an excellent job. DVD Decrypter to rip in the file mode then Nero's recode2. You can trim off everything except your main movie, leave 1 extra or whatever and then burn to disc still keeping your menu function. A full version is available for 30-days and when that's up you can download it again. CloneDVD2 also does a super job as does DVD2One -(Ooooppp, I guess I went way overboard on my counting -:)

OK, stick with recode2 an extremely good and much underestimated proggy.

Give it a shot, you'll never lQQk back (well, maybe sometime you will, life becomes boring and you'll want to change.

For those who are doing the vote counting, Recode2 for the top spot, DVD Shrink using Deep Analysis and the Quality Settings a good Second place, and coming around the track 5 minutes after the race ended, XCopy for pple who are desperate and could care less about quality" [thread]



How to Burn a DVD with Nero ( - explains how to use Nero to get a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive
onto a DVD-Video disk that is playable in most DVD players.

How to fix audio problem if an .AVI is converted to an .MPG using TMPGEnc

To fix some audio problems (sound that was in-sync in the original .AVI which becomes out-of-sync if the .AVI is converted into a MPEG movie with TMPGenc):
1) Extract the audio from the movie with VirtualDub, with Audio set to "Full processsing mode". When you open it, VirtualDub will give some audio warnings, but we knew it, isn't it? Do in Virtuadub File___Save WAV.
2) Compress the about 1 - 1.5 GB .WAV file into .MP2 using "BeSweet" and the BeSweet GUI ( choosing as type: MP2 for SVCD: it will become about 100 - 200 MB. Delete the .WAV, now it's useless.
3) In TMPGenc, when you convert the .AVI into MPEG, use as 'audio input' the .MP2 file you just created. (Multiplexing that .MP2 with a MPEG movie isn't possible, sorry.)
I did what this said, but it's still out of sync!

Really basic newbie guide: "Backing Up DVDs Using Nero 6.x.x Ultra Ed and Recode2"

Q&A (FAQ):

Q: How do I make a DVD-Video disc from a VIDEO_TS folder?
Variants: I have a folder with a bunch of VOB BUP IFO [ .BUP/.IFO/.VOB files ] files: what do I do now?

A: This folder and the files within are called "pre-authored DVD-Video". You can burn pre-authored DVD-Video to a DVD recordable disk using Burning software, such as Nero Burning ROM.
Read this guide.

Q: I have a VIDEO_TS folder (VOB, etc. files) on my hard drive: how do I just watch the movie?

A: Some software DVD players can play VOB files (the VOB files are essentially MPEGs, the other IFO and BUP files are only needed for making a compliant DVD-Video disk).

PowerDVD -- I used to use this[2] because it came free with my computer. But note that you won't be able to watch it like a regular DVD;
in other words, you won't be able to use the DVD menu, and you won't be able to select the audio track (like a different language), and you won't be able to enable subtitles.
To watch it like a regular DVD you will have to first turn the files into an Image file, then load the Image into a Virtual Drive.
Either that, or just burn it to a recordable DVD. If you don't have a DVD burner, but you have a CD burner, you could make a VCD (Video CD) or SVCD (Super Video CD) instead.

Nero Theatre -- MUCH better. Is intelligent enough to play a VIDEO_TS folder as if it was a DVD disk. (Good for previewing your DVD project before burning it to a disk.)
Also has a ton of cool little features (like snapshot, zoom, etc.) And the video quality seems to be better too.


Q: What is Interlacing?

Q: How can I tell if my source video is interlaced or progressive (interlaced or not)?
A: Most source in use today is interlaced. Unless it was created on a computer or is an official release of a film, then odds are that the source is interlaced.
All broadcast television, cable, satellite, VHS, S-VHS, Beta, Laserdisc, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8 and most DV sources are interlaced. That being said, if your original
source is a digital file, you can't be sure (it might have previously been de-interlaced).

GSPOT v2.51 or higher detects I/L (interlace) or PRPG (progressive) and tells you TFF (top field first) or BFF (bottom field first) or pulldown (3:2).

Nero Recode 2 will also tell you in plain English whether your source is interlaced or not:
Select "Copy DVD to Nero Digital". Then select your source video. Then click on the "Video" button to get the "Nero Digital Video Settings".


Guide Sites:


This section's guides cover all the steps you need to follow in order to copy a DVD Video disc.

Copy Multiple Movies In 1 DVD-R
Learn how to add 2 or more movies from different DVD disc in to a single recordable media.

Split DVD-9 To 2 DVD-R
Follow these guides in order to split a DVD-9 in two DVD-Rs and preserve original quality.

Convert your DVD discs to various formats like DivX/XviD/(S)VCD/miniDVD and rip your DVDs to the hard disk.

DVD Burn
These guides help you burn the DVD files you already have in your hard disk.

DVD Author
Authoring means creating DVD files off an DVD compatible MPEG video file, and these guides show you how to do it.

All To DVD
Convert all video formats like DivX/XviD/RealVideo/WMV/VCD and more into a DVD Video disc playable in your standalone.

DivX/XviD To DVD
Covers only DivX/XviD to DVD conversions. You better have a look to both these and the ones above.

How to convert DivX/XviD with AC3 to a DVD with AC3 and subtitles
DivX/XviD To DVD using Cucosoft Video Converting Tools
Hot to convert DivX/XviD to DVD MPEG2 using TMPGEnc
How to convert DivX/XviD to DVD using D.I.K.O.

Turn your old VCD and SVCD discs into DVD video.

Learn how to capture video from your DV camera and convert it to DVD.

Video Edit
General video editing stuff, like AVI join and merge.

Afterdawn Guides

Convert DivX video to VCD (VideoCD) format with VobSub subtitles

How to Convert DivX to DVDR with DVD2SVCD
Note: this guide states you have to join files before encoding. This isn't true. See shoey's post*. ("NOTE 2. DVD2SVCD does NOT directly support Batch mode processing of movies. ..."

*How to backup your DVD to SVCD
Note: this guide is in the forum. Contains tip for making DVD2SVCD do a batch encode.

Trick Hardware Player into playing SVCDs (VCD Header Trick - TMPGEnc!)
[June 2003]

Help! DVD Shrink won't copy my movie! Wah! ("Dvdshrink - Forgotten work around ") [January 2005]

Simple Guides (

Walkthrough movies (Flash animated) of basic steps needed to use certain software. E.g.

DivX / XviD to DVD-R using TMPGEnc : (assumes source is in .avi format; output is .mpg)

DVD MPEG to DVD-R by Authoring using TMPG AUTHOR : authoring a DVD compliant MPEG which has been converted from DivX, XviD, VCD, SVCD, etc.
"use 'add dvd video if your files are in VOB or IFO; use 'add file' if your file is .m2v, .mpg, .mpv, .m1v, .m2p, etc."

Other Guides

DVD to (S)VCD with Menu’s and Chapters (this looks complicated, but it would probably pay off. make still menus or moving menus.)
[last updated: October 2003]

Here is "VCDEasy's" take on the above guide: (making menus with VCD easy)

Plain/Simple method for making a single VOB DVD using IFOEdit



Video File Formats:

M2V (.m2v) -- MPEG-2 Video stream, no audio. (See MPV.) Often seen with seperate .mpa (MPEG Audio) file.
MPV (.mpv) -- MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Video elementary stream (no audio). Also called M1V (.m1v) for MPEG-1 video and M2V (.m2v) for MPEG-2 video.

Re: m2v vs mpg2 vs cue
"i have been using dvd2svcd for all my rips/encodes. I love the quality that i get from it (4 pass vbr)... but my problem is that i am trying to make svcd's with scene selection menus. I can do this, i think, using ulead's dvd moviefactory; the problem is that factory requires an svcd compliant (mpg2) video stream.
dvd2svcd only outputs a cue file (as far as i know) so, if i use tmpgenc to get a compliant stream, as far as i can tell, the vbr limit is two pass (thats the only selection i see in the drop down menu anyway)
Is there a way i can accomplish what i want (scene selection menus with 4 pass or equivalent quality video) on an svcd?
A: [april 2002] : You can extract the video files from your cue/bin files using DaemonTools or VCDGear (latter is the better one; it should allow direct output to .m2p file after you've tweaked the settings).

" just rip the files to hard drive, then use TMPGEnc's MPEG Tools to Demux the VOB files into .AC3 (aduio) and .m2v (video) files. Then you can remux them back together as an .m2p file "

Re: DVD to Hard Drive to DVD-R
"You need to extract the info from the original using a ripper. Get the ripper to extract the data and make a disc image. Then you'll need to burn the disc image back to a DVD-r " But to fit a 9 gb DVD onto a 4.2 GB DVD-R, you'll need to remove some content, then use software to reassemble the pieces.
Note that MPEG 2 is variable rate encoding process. So 2 hours can be 2GB or 6+GB. Usually the track that contains the movie and the 5 channel AC-3 are under 4.5 GB so extracting just that (losing all the extras) you'll be able to fit it on a regular DVD-r."

Audio File Formats:

.mpa -- MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio elementary stream (no video).
-- MPEG-1 Audio Layer2 (audio only)

.ac3 -- Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2 channel audio, usually (mistakenly) referred to as "AC3" (without hyphen) = "Audio Coding specification 3". Variation: "DD", as in DD 5.1 (Dolby Digital 5.1).
       See also: "AAC" (Advanced Audio Coding)

.mp3 -- MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
.wav -- Linear PCM (WAVE format, aka WAV)


[2] PowerDVD 4.0 :
* Proprietary "Dual Subtitles" technology
* Closed Caption decoder
* Plays a wide range of media files as well as Video CD

DVD-Video object files (*.VOB)
DVD-Video recording object files (*.VRO)
Dolby AC-3 audio files (*.AC3)
MPEG-1/2 files (*.MPG; *.MPEG)
MPEG-1 Video files (*.M1V)
MPEG-2 Video files (*.M2V)
Video CD files (*.DAT)


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